Danes say NO to Article 47
Jun 23,2009 00:00 by SACN
No to quotas on recreational fisheries

Food [and fisheries] Minister Eva Kjer Hansen rejects the proposal from EU Commission, which among other things will introduce quota for the recreational fisheries. Instead the Danish minister calls for real simplification of the Commission proposal for a new fisheries control regulation.

On Tuesday the EU Commission presented a proposal for a new fisheries control regulation at the Council meeting in Luxembourg.
The proposal will update the current control regulation of 1993, but the Danish minister Eva Kjer Hansen is not satisfied with the proposal, which among many other things contains a proposal on quotas for recreational angling and other recreational fisheries.

"It is totally disproportionate if it would be required to count against the quota, when you catch a few cod on a rod from a dinghy or a handful of plaice in nets in the fjord, and it will create undue burdens for recreational anglers and fishermen and authorities.
I am willing to create an overview of the catches in the recreational fisheries, but it should happen in a way where the countries do the estimate to be used by the scientific advice.
Not by management of sample programs and counting against quotas," says Minister Eva Kjer Hansen, who at the Council meeting made it clear to the Commission and her ministerial colleagues that other parts of the proposal also are in need of changes before it can be adopted.

"We must avoid introducing new bureaucratic rules. The Commission's proposal is very comprehensive with complex technical control rules, which doesn't comply with the simplification that we in Denmark consistently are working on in the fisheries policy," says Eva Kjer Hansen.

The Minister suggested at the meeting that the control regulation awaits the overall reform of the CFP in 2012, so that management and control of fisheries are thought together.