Sharkatag 2009
Feb 01,2009 00:00 by SACN


Your chance to help Scottish Sharks

12-13-14 June 2009

As many anglers appreciate through personal experience, the stocks of several species of shark in Scottish waters have been seriously depleted; Sharkatag2009 is an organised tagging event aimed at gathering the evidential data necessary to get the Scottish Government to ensure fisheries management encompasses the conservation of Scottish sharks.

Sharkatag2009 is to being run to coincide with the World Oceans Day festival being held in Dumfries and Galloway in the South West of Scotland and will be centred around Drummore, Sandhead and the Isle of Whithorn.

Sharkatag is NOT a competition, but to help cover our costs we are asking for a £10 per person registration fee; you can register and sign up at If you won't be attending Sharkatag but would like to support it, you can make a donation directly through Paypal, or through the web page.

Many organisations and groups have already shown initial interest, we are hoping to see somewhere around 100 craft and 300 anglers take part over the three days, so Sharkatag2009 should also help highlight the economic benefits of sea angling to the region.

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