Bigger Bass – Better Days
Apr 07,2007 00:00 by Plugger

These days with the bass mls consultation, and the Bass Management Plan (BMP) before that, we often hear the phrase ‘more and bigger bass’ 

But what exactly does more and bigger bass look like in reality?.

Those of us old enough to remember can just about recall what quality angling from the shore was like.

Sadly even these memories are fading with little in the way of new quality shore angling days being experienced to create new memories.

Younger anglers will not have experienced shore angling before the days of gill-netting and bass pair-trawling, and may now consider that catching 5 immature schoolie bass (and maybe a bonus 3lb fish) is now considered a good day.

However, the archives tell a different story.  

An old angling magazine from 1974 was recently uncovered in a loft and contained an article about spinning for bass from the shore of Portland Bill.

Quotes like :

“ A little better than average, but TYPICAL of the results spinning from the rocks can produce. An evenings fishing produced bass of 8.5lbs, 7.5lbs and 5lb for this angler ”

And also

 “It’s SO EASY, honestly says one angler who has taken plenty of bass like this five  pounder from the Bill”

This is what ‘more and bigger bass’ looks like for shore bass anglers. 

This is what the BMP and the 40cm mls are trying to achieve through the promotion of sound and sustainable fisheries management. 

In 1974 a bass angler had a good chance of hitting a 5 pounder or above on each occasion they went spinning from the shore given suitable conditions.

The bigger bass were present inshore in good numbers ��" don’t we want them back ?