Leon Roskilly to Stand Down
Mar 21,2007 00:00 by SACN

SACN Co-ordinator Leon Roskilly has announced his intention to stand down from the SACN Executive Group by the end of 2008.

In a proposal to transform the governance of SACN before then, by electing a committee to oversee the future running of SACN, Leon gives his reason for the decision as the need to be able to start slowing down and reduce his workload by his 65th Birthday in early 2009, knowing that SACN will be in good hands for the future.

The SACN Executive Group are appealing to the membership for a small transition team to be formed who will be responsible for arranging a meeting of the membership, preparing a formal constitution for SACN for adoption by the membership, and arranging for elections to take place to appoint a committee.

As well as an elected committee, it is also proposed that an Executive Group be appointed by the committee consisting of people to do the jobs requiring specific skills.

Leon has also made a strong plea that SACN continues to offer a free associate membership for people who want to regularly recieve information and be involved in future campaigns, as well as a contributing membership with voting rights.