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Aug 03,2006  by Bob Cox

The Tractor Factory

imageWest of the Ural Mountains, in the dark waste of the old Soviet Union, lies a vast tractor factory, ten miles to the south a massive smelting works. The tractor factory closed ten years before the USSR itself shut up ... [full story]

Aug 03,2000  by Chris Pledge

MAFF Murder

imageIt's been called MAFF Murder; minimum commercial landing size limits were slashed or removed completely for some species from January 1st 2000, meaning they can now be openly trawled before even reaching sexual maturity. If officers from any angling ... [full story]

Aug 03,2000  by Chris Pledge

Dead Fish Patrol

imageIn 1999, BBC 2’s Internal Affairs series broadcast the program Dead Fish Patrol –the third part of four documentaries looking at the work of some of Britain’s various enforcement agencies - this one focused it’s attentions on sea fisheries inspectors ... [full story]

Aug 03,2000  by Chris Pledge

Dredging, Indifference and Apathy

imageThe proposed dredging of 23 million tons of aggregates off of Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight. Peter Quarmby, Hants & IW area manager for the Environment Agency, says; "Thank you for your letter of the 16 April ... [full story]

Aug 03,2000  by Chris Pledge

Whose Harvest?

imageStatistics recently released show that recreational sea angling is now worth twice as much as commercial fishing. Official Government recordings of fish landings (the bulk of which I understand was made up of shellfish and scallops) show that in ... [full story]

Aug 03,2000  by Chris Pledge

Conservation Or Preservation

imageHi everybody, meet Totland Bay Angling Club member Max O'Brien. Eight-year-old Max has recently become the youngest ever winner of the Isle of Wight junior shore championships. He achieved this by catching two flounders from the western bank of the ... [full story]

Jan 22,1999  by David Bird

Angling Holds The Key

imageIn an issue of Tackle and Guns, I outlined the problems for angling resulting from the disastrous European Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). I also reported that the Angling Trade Association (ATA) had joined the Save Britain’s Fish campaign, which advocates ... [full story]

Aug 03,2006  by Leon Roskilly

Fighting For Fish

imageIt’s a bright and calm West Country Summer’s day. Precariously balanced above the wave washed gully, I position the rod for another cast as the spray breaks around me. It seems an age since the family gathered round a ... [full story]

Aug 03,2006  by Leon Roskilly

Young John Kilpatrick

imageYoung John Kilpatrick trudged across the morning damp sand with a heavy mind. As he walked down the slope of the beach, past a high tide mark, strewn with debris and flotsam, he took a moment to read ... [full story]

Aug 03,2000  by Leon Roskilly

The End For European Dolphins?

imageI first encountered dolphins as a teenaged merchant seaman. Many times, as the ship on which I happened to be working, approached land, the dolphins would come out to greet us. Often, when I close my eyes, and search ... [full story]

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