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Aug 03,2000  by Leon Roskilly

The End For European Dolphins?

imageI first encountered dolphins as a teenaged merchant seaman. Many times, as the ship on which I happened to be working, approached land, the dolphins would come out to greet us. Often, when I close my eyes, and search ... [full story]

Aug 03,2000  by Leon Roskilly

Just A Dream?

imageI’m starting to get used to these weird experiences now. Not quite a dream, more of an alternative reality. Everything seems to be ordinary, but not quite right. Perhaps it’s the sounds, or the light. Slight imperceptible differences, but enough ... [full story]

Aug 03,2000  by Leon Roskilly


imageShe rests gently in my hands. Gills flaring slightly as I hold her head into the tide. Recovering from the indignity of being measured, weighed and photographed in the arms of a grinning land creature. Her fins, stroking the ... [full story]

Aug 03,2000  by Leon Roskilly

Big Fish Matter

imageI’ve seen quite a few Powerpoint slides recently, all purporting to show the factors that will govern the size of a particular stock. Simple really; size of stock, rate of recruitment, availability of prey, predation, fishing effort etc.  Change a value ... [full story]

Aug 03,2000  by Leon Roskilly

Marine Protected Areas, No Take Zones

imageIt's the latest thing in fisheries management. All the NGOs are looking toward them as a panacea solution to the problems with our marine resources, and their wider agendas, and their bandwagon is rolling. ... [full story]

Aug 03,2000  by Leon Roskilly

Return That Fish?

imageOften the subject comes up as to whether sea anglers should keep the fish they catch or return them alive and the ensuing debate can become quite heated so what lies behind this argument that is fundamental to Recreational Sea ... [full story]

Jan 22,1999  by David Bird

Angling Holds The Key

imageIn an issue of Tackle and Guns, I outlined the problems for angling resulting from the disastrous European Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). I also reported that the Angling Trade Association (ATA) had joined the Save Britain’s Fish campaign, which advocates ... [full story]

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