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Sep 19,2006  by SACN

Dealing with Gassed Up Fish

imageFrom time to time SACN gets requests from anglers asking about the possibility of returning fish bought up from depth where the swim bladder appears to be 'blown'. Usually such fish cannot get back below the surface and are taken by ... [full story]

Aug 24,2006  by Leon Roskilly

The Market Demands Plate Sized Bass – Really?

imageThe Market Demands Plate Sized Bass • Really? (Written by Leon Roskilly • August 2006) There was a time when people living in Great Britain almost only ever drank water that had come out of a tap. When it was suggested that ... [full story]

Aug 21,2006  by SACN

Is it Legal?

imageIs it Legal? Prepared by the Sea Anglers’ Conservation Network http://www.sacn.org.uk (Last Updated September 2006) As the amount of netting along some parts of our shorelines increases, and anglers in some areas find trawlers working in very close to the beaches, SACN ... [full story]

Aug 21,2006  by Tom Appleby

The Public Right to Fish - Is it Fit for Purpose?

imageAlthough it is generally acknowledged that fish stocks both in the UK and around the world have been damaged, often to the point of collapse by overfishing, and the sea bed and the plant and animal communities it supports degraded ... [full story]

Aug 12,2006  by Plugger

Good News or Bad News?

image40cm mls For Bass • Good News or Bad News ? After what seems like an age, Ben Bradshaw the Fisheries Minister recently announced that from April 2007 the minimum landing size for bass which will apply to commercial fishermen and ... [full story]

Aug 08,2006  by SACN

The 'Golden Mile'

imageThe ‘Golden Mile’ Written by the Sea Anglers’ Conservation Network http://sacn.org.uk (Last Updated August 2006) Around our coast, near to shore, is an area that should be naturally rich in marine life, fuelling the food chain and biodiversity of areas much further ... [full story]

Aug 06,2006  by sacn

Worth of Recreational Sea Angling

imageEconomics of Recreational Sea Angling Version: July 2009. Compiled by the Sea Anglers’ Conservation Network The first time I ever put a bait in saltwater, it was to catch crabs. Many years ... [full story]

Aug 03,2006  by Leon Roskilly

Young John Kilpatrick

imageYoung John Kilpatrick trudged across the morning damp sand with a heavy mind. As he walked down the slope of the beach, past a high tide mark, strewn with debris and flotsam, he took a moment to read ... [full story]

Aug 03,2006  by Leon Roskilly

Fighting For Fish

imageIt’s a bright and calm West Country Summer’s day. Precariously balanced above the wave washed gully, I position the rod for another cast as the spray breaks around me. It seems an age since the family gathered round a ... [full story]

Aug 03,2006  by Bob Cox

The Tractor Factory

imageWest of the Ural Mountains, in the dark waste of the old Soviet Union, lies a vast tractor factory, ten miles to the south a massive smelting works. The tractor factory closed ten years before the USSR itself shut up ... [full story]

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