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Consultation Responses

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Jul 11,2008  by SACN

Evidence to Marine Bill Select Committee

imageAs Well as the written evidence that SACN submitted to the Marine Bill Select Committee (see below), SACN along with the NFSA, were required to submit oral evidence to the committee, and a transcript of that hearing is available at: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/jt200708/jtselect/jtmarine/uc552-iii/uc55202.htm (following ... [full story]

Jul 11,2008  by SACN

Draft Marine Bill Consultation

imageCONSULTATION ON THE DRAFT MARINE BILL ��" SACN Response The Sea Anglers Conservation Network has over 600 members, many of these being sea angling clubs and federations etc whose own memberships total to tens of thousands. Members of SACN recognise that ... [full story]

Jun 06,2007  by SACN

SACN Response to the Marine Bill White Paper

imagePreamble Once (and not so long ago) considered boundless and infinitely forgiving of abuse, in recent years our understanding of the marine environment has changed considerably, and we have now begun to realise just how vulnerable that environment, and the resources ... [full story]

Apr 12,2007  by SACN

DEFRA's Fisheries 2027 Vision Consultation

imageClosing on 26th April 2027, in their consultation  DEFRA have set out a vision as to how they see their management of UK fisheries panning out in the next 20 years. Although Recreational Sea Angling is mentioned a number of times in ... [full story]

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