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Apr 13,2009  by Malcolm Gilbert

Angling Trust & CEFAS

imageThank goodness the Angling Trust appears to have understood the inherent dangers of allowing CEFAS a free reign.  (see AT Statement ) CEFAS, the Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science, used to be the MAFF Fisheries Laboratory. They were ostensibly made ... [full story]

Apr 08,2009  by sacn

Article 47 - A Charter Skippers Personal Opinion.

imageArticle 47 - A Charter Skippers Personal Opinion. It is not difficult to understand just why Joe Borg and his team want to impose radical new legislation against "recreational" sea fishing, Many of his emotive comments suggest that he, like many other ... [full story]

Jan 26,2009  by SACN

Article 47 - Some Background

imageFrom a document passed to SACN: The implications, (as seen by certain Continentals) for British Recreational Sea Anglers, of the European Union Proposal for a COUNCIL REGULATION establishing a Community control system for ensuring compliance with the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy ... [full story]

Nov 16,2006  by Plugger

Bass Carcass Tagging - An Alternative to Bag Limits?

imageCommercial bass fishermen are often heard to complain that anglers and unlicenced hobby netters are seriously affecting the market for bass. Reports of bass going in the back doors of pubs and restaurants are common even now despite the introduction ... [full story]

Aug 01,2008  by SACN

Bass Dynamics

imageBC: Yes the stock biomass is larger that say in the 80's , then we had a pound of butter spread over an area that stretched from the Wash , along the Channel and up to Anglesey. Now we have ... [full story]

Apr 07,2007  by Plugger

Bigger Bass – Better Days

imageThese days with the bass mls consultation, and the Bass Management Plan (BMP) before that, we often hear the phrase ‘more and bigger bass’  But what exactly does more and bigger bass look like in reality?. Those of us ... [full story]

Nov 29,2006  by Hooker

Claims that only the French will benefit from the 40 cm MLS

imageThe hysteria that is currently being fostered by some objectors to the new 40 cm mls is largely based on the assertion that those dastardly foreigners will be reaping all the benefits.   Whilst looking at the CEFAS website today ... [full story]

Jan 22,2007  by Bassman

Fishing Makes You Happy

imageIt’s confirmed ��" the social well-being element of fishing so often overlooked and undervalued by governments was neatly expressed in an article in the Independent On Sunday Review Supplement 21st January. An article on why the public are more depressed ... [full story]

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