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Oct 16,2006  by Hooker

Welsh Disappointment

imageThe Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) result (bass mls) is not only terribly disappointing, it will IMO make Bradshaw's task of maintaining the English 40 cm MLS very difficult if not impossible.  I strongly suspect the decision to only go to 37.5 ... [full story]

Oct 16,2006  by SACN


imageIf you go to the bottom of any article published on this website, there is usually the facility to add your own comments. Providing these are legal, non-offensive, and otherwise generally acceptable they will remain as comment on that article for ... [full story]

Nov 02,2006  by John Morgan

Letter to Carwyn Jones

image30th October 2006 Mr Jones, It’s taken a couple of weeks for me to recover from my incredulity at your decision regarding the BASS MLS. A couple of weeks to rack my brains trying to understand the reasoning behind your decision ... [full story]

Nov 16,2006  by Plugger

Bass Carcass Tagging - An Alternative to Bag Limits?

imageCommercial bass fishermen are often heard to complain that anglers and unlicenced hobby netters are seriously affecting the market for bass. Reports of bass going in the back doors of pubs and restaurants are common even now despite the introduction ... [full story]

Nov 29,2006  by Hooker

Claims that only the French will benefit from the 40 cm MLS

imageThe hysteria that is currently being fostered by some objectors to the new 40 cm mls is largely based on the assertion that those dastardly foreigners will be reaping all the benefits.   Whilst looking at the CEFAS website today ... [full story]

Jan 13,2007  by Hooker

RSA Species to Become Sushi

imageBBC Channel 4    19.30 hrs  BBC South West programme ‘Inside Out’ reported how Chris Bean, fisherman from Helford (nr Falmouth) on his boat ‘Lady Hamilton’ is now supplying ultra fresh fish to a chain of sushi restaurants called Moshi Moshi.  ... [full story]

Jan 22,2007  by Bassman

Fishing Makes You Happy

imageIt’s confirmed ��" the social well-being element of fishing so often overlooked and undervalued by governments was neatly expressed in an article in the Independent On Sunday Review Supplement 21st January. An article on why the public are more depressed ... [full story]

Apr 07,2007  by Plugger

Bigger Bass – Better Days

imageThese days with the bass mls consultation, and the Bass Management Plan (BMP) before that, we often hear the phrase ‘more and bigger bass’  But what exactly does more and bigger bass look like in reality?. Those of us ... [full story]

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