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Conservation and Political News

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Aug 09,2006  by Ian Burret - SOS

Save Our Sharks Appeals for Help

imageYou may have already heard on the grapevine that Save Our Sharks (SOS) has finally got the chance to help make the tope a recreational only species. ... [full story]

Aug 11,2006  by Ian Burrett

Scottish RSA Has Just Become Relevant

imageBelow is the letter we have just recieved from the Scottish executive after a meeting with John Brown, Head of tourism and Frank Strang, Head of fisheries. RSA attendees were Myself representing the SACN and Steve Bastion and Barry Scholes ... [full story]

Aug 08,2006  by Leon Roskilly

Scotland Cracks Down

image"SCOTLAND'S fisheries enforcement authorities are to strengthen links with their international partners to put an end to illegal fishing, which is earning unscrupulous skippers a multi-million pound booty." The Herald [full story]

Aug 09,2006  by Leon Roskilly

Swordfish Caught in the North East

imageIn recent years there have been many reports of unusual warmer water species being caught off the UK coast, with fisheries being devloped for anchovy and red mullet, but this year has had everyone scratching their heads wondering what is ... [full story]

Aug 10,2006  by Leon Roskilly

New Bass MLS of 40cm Announced (Updated 9-Aug-06 17:40)

imageDEFRA today announced a new bass Minimum Landing Size of 40cm DEFRA Press Release Consultation Details & Summary of Responses "INDUSTRY hopes that the Government would think again over a minimum size move were dashed today when it was announced that the minimum ... [full story]

Aug 10,2006  by Leon Roskilly

Welsh Minister Tags Sharks

image"A shark survey off the Pembrokeshire coast has been joined by Welsh Environment Minister Carwyn Jones, who has helped tag the fish. Members of WWF Cymru have tagged blue sharks as part of a project aimed at finding out more ... [full story]

Aug 12,2006  by Leon Roskilly

Help Needed With Survey

imageCatherine is undertaking a Masters Degree at the University of London. She writes: "I am looking at the future of the UK's inshore waters, particularly in reference to proposals recently by the NFSA that all fishing in the first 1nm be restricted ... [full story]

Aug 19,2006  by Leon Roskilly

Flounders with Cancer

imageIn the past we have reported on the very significant decline in flounder numbers in a number of places where they were once prevalent, and where match fishing was suffering with very few fish being caught recently. (see Where Have all ... [full story]

Oct 27,2006  by Leon Roskilly

BASS Slams Welsh Decision

imageThe Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society (BASS) has written to Carwyn Jones, the Welsh Minister responsible for the decision to increase the Welsh mls for bass to just 37.5cm, to express their deep dissatisfaction at the decision, and to demand an apology for ... [full story]

Aug 11,2006  by Leon Roskilly

Bass MLS Decision Disappoints Anglers

imageYesterday’s announcement that the Minimum Landing Size of bass will be increased just 4cm to 40cm, has come as a bitter blow to many Recreational Sea Anglers. Many were hoping that the Minister, Ben Bradshaw, was about to deliver fully on ... [full story]

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