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Bigger Bass – Better Days

  • Bass are still in trouble yes. Despite all the talk of conserving bass stocks I am amazed at the attitude and ignorance that still abounds among some sea anglers. In Australia and the US they have public notices at known fishing spots with fish size limits - why don't we campaign for this? They could even point out that bass seen on supermarket fish slabs are farmed - This is a comparison I've heard when I've pointed out that someone has killed an undersized fish. We really must do more to educate people. When I was seen to be putting a four pounder back the other week I was told by a group of other anglers that I was "mad". I've recently been fishing a small tidal creek near Portsmouth. Bass are known to be at this spot but are considered "impossible" by the people who come and chuck 4 ounce leads at them. I fish very light gear and small plugs and my success has been visible. Another angler told me to be careful because at a similar spot where bass were seen to be caught someone draped a gill net across the channel.
(Posted on August 6, 2007, 3:56 pm Simon Williams)

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