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Make Up of Sea Fisheries Committees

Feb 07,2008 SACN

Parliamentary Question answered Yesterday


Written answers

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Fisheries: Public Appointments

To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

(1) pursuant to the answer of 24 January 2008, Official Report, columns 2124-5W, on fisheries: public appointments, if he will provide the information requested in relation to the current members of the sea fisheries committees; and if he will make a statement;

(2) what the names are of all (a) current and (b) previous members of each sea fisheries committee; and if he will make a statement.

Photo of Jonathan R Shaw Jonathan R Shaw (Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Marine, Landscape and Rural Affairs) and Minister for the South East), Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) | Hansard source

Section 2 of the Sea Fisheries Regulation Act 1966 sets out that persons appointed by the Minister to Sea Fisheries Committees (SFCs) shall be:

'....persons acquainted with the needs and opinions of the fishing interests of that district or as being persons having knowledge of, or expertise in, marine environmental matters'.

Once appointed, members are required to represent, in a balanced way, all local fishing and marine environmental interests in the SFC district. Appointees should not regard themselves as representing any one particular interest or organisation.

As of 30 January 2008, the names and known interests (as recorded at the time of their first appointment) of all current DEFRA ministerial appointees to each Sea Fisheries Committee are as follows:

Name Known interests at time of first appointment
Cornwall SFC
Stuart Athay Charter Boat Skipper
Kevin P Bennetts Potter, beam trawler plus sea angler
Chris Brett Inshore netter/crabber
Christopher Curtis Harbour master/fisherman
C J Mitchell Secretary to local fishermen's association
David C Muirhead Ex-fisherman
David Stevens Share fisherman/owner
Philip Trebilcock Fisherman
Dr. Nick Tregenza Environmentalist
John Trewin Inshore fisherman
P G Walton Inshore fisherman
Ruth Williams Environmentalist/marine conservation officer
Cumbria SFC
D Baxter Shrimp fisherman
Ronald Graham Part-time fisherman/member of European Fisheries Forum
George Southwell Fisherman��"trawling, netting, potting
D Harpley Marine conservation officer
J McAvoy Fisherman, trawler
Michael Sterland Sea angler/tackle shop owner
Devon SFC
David Cuthbert Fisherman
Chris Davis Environmentalist
Martyn Gates Fisherman, shellfish farmer, fish merchant
David Morgan Shellfisherman (crabs, lobsters)
David Henry Pakes Sea angling, boat owner
James Portus Chief exec SWFPO Ltd
David Rowe Sea angler
R Talbot Fisherman
Christopher Venmore Shellfisherman
Eastern SFC
Mr. Roy Brewster Inshore fisherman
Robert John Garnett Fisherman/vessel owner-skipper
Neil A Lake Shellfisherman
Ivan G Large Inshore fisherman
Thomas Pinborough Sea angler
Cyril A R Southerland Shellfisherman
Steven Williamson Shellfish factory manager
Michael Yates Scientific officer
Vacant post ��"
Isles of Scilly SFC
Timothy Allsop Charter skipper
Barry Bennett Fisherman/lifeboat coxswain
Mark Dean Pender Fisherman
Timothy Richards Fisherman
Kent and Essex SFC
Gary Attenborough Cockler
Teresa Bennett Environmentalist
Paul D Gilson Thames trawlerman/merchant
Richard A Jacobs Thames beam trawlerman
B Martin Fisherman
John Nichols Shipwright conservation officer (angling interests)
S J Place Gill netter
Leon Roskilly Sea angler
Vacant post

North Eastern SFC

David Ballington Sea angler
Stuart McPherson Angler
S Cowan Fishing vessel skipper
Michael J Emmerson Shellfisherman
Derek Heselton MBE Fisherman
Gary Hodgson Shellfisherman/vessel owner
Robert Mainprize Skipper/vessel owner/biological sampler for CEFAS/guard ship
J Johnson Skipper owner
Jim Linstead Trawlerman (chief exec GFPO)
Stephen J Norton CE00Grimsby Fish Merchants Assoc Ltd
Frank Powell Fisherman
N V Proctor Marine biologist, conservation officer with Yorkshire NFSA ( plus sea angling)
Terence N Pearson Company director/inshore fisherman
Thomas W Smith Shellfish/salmon fisherman
Dr. Selina Stead Environmentalist
G Traves MBE Shellfisherman/trawlerman
John Whitton Angler
North Western and North Wales SFC
Arthur Brecknell NW Sea Fish Industry Training Association
Geoff Hancock Sea angler
D G Jewitt Fisherman
Allan S Marklew Sea angler
Margaret R Owen Part-time fisherwoman
Norman Parker Retired netsman
M Porter Fisherman
Tommy Watson Fisherman
C Woods Shellfisherman
Northumberland SFC
Tony Anderson Sea angler
David Morton Angler/small boat owner
Kevin Henderson Skipper/owner
David Herriot Chief exec Anglo Scottish FPO
Steven Moss Skipper/owner Trawlerman
Dr. Nick Polunin Marine ecologist
Henry Rowe Fisherman
James Stephenson Shellfisherman
John Thomson Fisherman
Southern SFC
Richard Ferre Chair of NFSA/sea angler and boat owner
Dr. Anthony C Jensen Marine biologist
Terry Lankford Vessel owner/shellfish merchant and exporter
Kenneth Lynham Shellfisherman
Chris Mowlam Fisherman
David Sales Fisherman
Stella Stride JP Vessel and boatyard owner, secretary of various fishing organisations
Mark Stevenson Fisherman
Peter Tinsley Marine conservation officer

Sussex SFC

M J R Barrow Fisherman
Bill Brock Fish market owner/fishing vessel manager
Alan Brothers Sea angler
A P Delahunty Shellfisherman
Graham Doswell Fisherman
Simon J A Flint Sea angler
David Guy Fisheries manager
David Harvey Environmentalist
Ron Simmons Trawlerman

Welsh Ministers are responsible for the remaining appointments to North Western and North Wales SFC, and are solely responsible for appointments to South Wales SFC.

The information requested in relation to all previous members is not readily available and could be provided only at disproportionate cost.


Note1: There are some obvious inconsistencies with the answer supplied earlier - see http://www.theyworkforyou.com/wrans/?id=2008-01-15a.177667.h 

Note2: As well as the DEFRA appointees listed above, there are other statutory members of each of the Sea Fisheries Committee, including councillors from ajoining County Councillors, who will often have an interest in the management of Inshore Sea Fisheries.  For more details of each committee, see the links given at http://www.asfc.org.uk/


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