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RSA Species to Become Sushi

Jan 13,2007 Hooker

BBC Channel 4    19.30 hrs 

BBC South West programme ‘Inside Out’ reported how Chris Bean, fisherman from Helford (nr Falmouth) on his boat ‘Lady Hamilton’ is now supplying ultra fresh fish to a chain of sushi restaurants called Moshi Moshi.  [same restaurant that the line caught bass fishermen used for the PR on their website].

The gear was mono netting which captured a wide range of fish of many sizes and crabs. So much for selectivity!  Cuckoo wrasse, flounders, gurnards, LSDs, etc. were all shown being served to smiling customers in the restaurants.  Good photography, plenty of good scenery, lots of on screen debate about sustainability and traceability, and the usual ‘romantic twaddle’ about fishing.

Once this fishery becomes established and developed, stopping it will be like trying to stop a steamroller.

We now have the commercial catching sector, aided and abetted by the BBC media who are enticed with a week in Cornwall with old salts, actually celebrating the time when having destroyed stocks of more conventional species such as pollock, haddock, plaice etc., the fleet move on to target other species that historically have only been of interest to RSA.

So much for best value from fishery resources to UK plc  -- and consideration of re-designation of some species to wholly recreational!  RSA better move quick to secure amoebas  for their sector !

Will there be any attempt at exploring the sustainability of targeting wrasse?  No chance.

Will there be any attempt to carry out a cost /benefit analysis to consider and evaluate the cost to RSA ?   No chance.

Game, set & match to commercials on this one. 


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comment Comments (1 posted) 
  • This would appear to tie in with what seems to be the oppinion of DEFRA in the the just released consultation ducuments that gives one of the aims to have people "try a wider variety of fish" as a commitment to the strategy? Strange given that the long term aim is to protect and conserve rather than try this because that ones nearly done approach! I will be pointing this out in my repsonse to the document amongst other things.
(Posted on February 1, 2007, 7:04 pm David Cowen)

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