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SACN Joins the Shark Alliance

Nov 28,2006 SACN

SACN have been invited to join other organisations who work together to protect the disappearing populations of sharks from the world's oceans, long-lived, slow maturing apex predators, often with low rates of reproductivity, that are essential to healthy marine ecosystems and sustainable fish stocks.

In accepting the invitation to join The Shark Alliance, SACN have written:

"SACN works to preserve UK fish-stocks and the marine environment with the aim of ensuring that our seas will contain fish for ourselves, and for future generations of anglers to enjoy.
Part of SACN’s mission is to raise awareness of the importance of sharks amongst the angling community and beyond, and to foster a respect for sharks and their importance within the complex web of life that exists in our seas.
SACN has promoted and taken part in a number of consultations, both locally and nationally within the UK aimed at providing protection for elasmobranchs in UK waters."


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