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Jan 26,2007 SACN

Things are different up North.

Talk to many people in the North East and there is often a simmering discontent that the political establishment of the UK is not only centered in the south of the country, but the issues and assumptions about the workings of the whole of the UK is also based on the experience of those who live in the South.

And the same is found with anglers of the North East who are left perplexed that most of the issues that the angling establishment (which talks to DEFRA in London) is overly concerned with bass and mullet and other sports species that predominate the warmer waters of the south.

Whereas in the North East, cod is king and is caught for food by a tougher breed of anglers who face the full onslaught of the North Sea, as it crashes onto the beaches and tears at the cliffs in the winter when many southern anglers have put away their rods until the summer species return once more (it wasn't always like that down South, but that is another story).

But now those Northern lads have had enough, and are determined that their own voices will ring as loud in the corridors where sea angling matters are discussed.

Talk of anglers' bag limits has seriously concerned not just the anglers, but more so the angling charter fleet skippers who see a danger to their businesses.

And the idea of a sea angling licence worries the owners and employees of tackle shops, and the bait suppliers, as much as it does the region's anglers.

And whilst the government introduces measures to protect the southern Recreational Sea Fishery for bass, and talks of providing protection for mullet and tope, North Eastern anglers wonder who is to fight the corner of their valuable Recreational Cod Fishery, the mainstay of angling club matches and the angling charter fleet.

So, they are organising.

Responding to government consultations regarding fishery management issues and seeking to influence the development of a national Strategy for Recreational Sea Angling.

And of course, in this day and age, websites are an important tool in informing anglers of the issues, and promoting debate.

The Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Sea Anglers Association (YALASA) is spearheading the debate in the North East, and has now introduced a forum so that concerned anglers can add their voice, and raise the issues that they feel need to be addressed.

The new forum can be accessed at:


Other important websites in the North East are:

North East Sea Angling  and  Whitby Sea Anglers both of which already have active forums.



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