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Work Proceeding on RSA Strategy

Dec 12,2006 SACN

At a meeting in London today, stakeholders from the Recreational Sea Angling (RSA) Sector, the catching sector, environmental organisations, fisheries scientistists and DEFRA agreed to move forward with the devlopment of DEFRA Strategy for the Development of the valuable RSA Sector.

The original draft document was hammered out between RSA and DEFRA officials earlier in the year, and was presented to the Inshore Working Group of the Marine Fisheries Stakeholder forum to be taken forward.

A sub-committee of the Inshore Group was formed specifically to bring various stakeholders together, charged with producing a document that was broadly acceptable to the various sectors which DEFRA could take ownership of for delivery of the proposals it contains.

The proposals include management plans for species of particular interest to the RSA sector, proposals for reducing commercial pressure close inshore (the Golden Mile proposal) together with a large number of other issues that will impact and benefit RSA activity.

Following today's meeting it is DEFRA's intention to produce a draft document shortly, that RSA organisations can distribute on to their membership with the intention of attaining their views and comments.

There will then be a further meeting in early February to feedback those views before the final document is more widely distributed amongst all stakeholders for formal consultation and adoption by DEFRA as government policy, and eventual delivery of the proposals.  


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comment Comments (1 posted) 
  • I've read the first draft of the RSA Strategy on the website of The Yorkshire And Lincolnshire Association Of Sea Anglers. http://www.yalasa.co.uk/recreational-sea-angling-stratagy-draft1-dec-2006.php Personally I found it hard going. I struggled to understand what it is, who produced it, and why it has been produced in the first place. If Anglers are to get behind organisations like sacn and nfsa you need to get this information out to the average angler in a format they understand. I would say on an intellectual level I am the average person but I struggle to understand what these documents are talking about. sub groups, strategies, RSA SWOT. Your all talking gobbledegook and the people who really count haven't a clue what your all doing and why. Engage the average angler or stop attending these meetings saying your representing us.
(Posted on December 24, 2006, 12:48 am Glenn Kilpatrick)

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