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Waitrose Moves to End Beam Trawling

Aug 22,2006 SACN

Whatever they are selling, it's important to Supermarkets that customers have confidence in their brand.

That confidence includes the 'feel good factor' knowing that whatever customers buy from the shelves is not only wholesome, but is not tainted by controversy because of unsustainable sourcing etc.

A growing awareness and distaste expressed by the public of the problems of overfishing, and damage to the marine environment, involved in putting fish products onto the supermarket shelves is seen as potentially damaging to the supermarkets' own brands, which could damage market share not only for what is sold on the wet-fish counter but all products throughout the store. 

With many millions of pounds of 'good-will' at stake, which ultimately feeds through to the bottom line, supermarkets are increasingly distancing themselves from the problems of unsustainable fishing, by only offering fish products to their customers which they have confidence in as being free of the stain of environmental plunder.

In the latest such move, Waitrose has announced a series of initiatives to ensure that customers can have confidence in the fish that the store offers for sale.

See:  FishUpdate.com

In March the Marine Conservation Society published a league tables of Supermarkets selling fish..

League table

1 M&S Sells 15 species that are safe, and only one on the endangered list

2 Waitrose Sells 20 species that are recommended and three that should be avoided

3 Sainsbury's Sells 16 products certified by Marine Stewardship Council, and five under threat

4 Tesco Sells 14 species from safe list and four that should be avoided

5 Co-op Sustainable policy on tuna, but sells four species under threat

6 Morrisons Sells 15 species on safe list but four endangered species

7 Asda Sells 10 species that are safe but six that should be avoided

8 Somerfield Sells seven species that are safe and two species that should be avoided

9 Iceland Sells one species from the safe list and one species on the avoid list

10 Lidl Failed to respond to the survey

Full Report in The Guardian

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