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See the NFSA at Work

May 07,2007 SACN

Nothing ever stays the same, and sometimes the rate of change becomes breath-taking.

That seems very true now, regarding Recreational Sea Angling with issues, reports, and action plans impacting RSA coming from all directions.

Sometimes change can bring unexpected benefits, sometimes unintended consequences can be unwelcome to say the least.

For RSA it's important that representative organisations, and the people involved in negotiating the path ahead have the knowledge, skills and support to choose the best possible path amongst all the directions that RSA is pulled.

Whatever one's views of the National Federation of Sea Anglers has been in the past, it's undoubted that the organisation is THE body recognised by government as speaking for the greatest number of sea anglers in England, and that the NFSA is rising now to the many challenges that need to be faced in the near future.

So, it is pleasing to hear that the NFSA is inviting wider involvement and openness, by both members and non-members, in the work it undertakes for the benefit of all sea anglers.

Anglers can see NFSA at work

Recreational sea anglers wanting to know more about the NFSA can hear about its work including the latest on the hot topics of fish and habitat conservation, licensing and bag limits. 

Anyone including juniors who is considering joining are invited to the annual meeting on July 14 at the head office, Hamlyn House, Mardle Way, Buckfastleigh, Devon, at 12 noon.

There will be reports on the NFSA’s finances and the rest of its activities including training programmes with the Angling Development Board and the English teams in the world and home international sea angling championships. 

Only members and affiliated clubs will be able to vote on the formal business at the meeting but non-members will be welcome to join informal discussions afterwards.

(The annual meeting normally takes place in May but has been delayed following the incorporation of the NFSA on March 30 when it became necessary to prepare accounts for the 15 months before it was incorporated).


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