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SSACN – a big chance to raise the Scottish RSA profile

Jun 12,2008 SACN

If you sea fish in Scotland, or have done so in the last three years this concerns you !

This is probably the most important event to affect RSA in Scotland so far and it is crucial as many people as possible respond to show the government how strong the RSA sector is.

It's a simple online survey that will take just a few minutes to fill in

Every request from SSACN to the Scottish Marine directorate has been met by "Wait until the survey results are published"

Please email the URL (website address) to your friends, club secretaries, show it to tackle shops etc etc. The more people that respond the more the government will have to take note of us.

From the ssacn website http://www.ssacn.org

A team of economists from Glasgow Caledonian University are working to produce an economic assessment of recreational sea angling in Scotland.

Although the Scottish Government and the Marine Directorate ‘go the extra mile’ to support commercial fishing activities they have always been reluctant to make any significant moves to support recreational sea angling on the grounds that there is little data regarding how much it is worth !!.

When completed, this study will help to ensure that policy makers understand Scottish sea angling’s true significance and how best to realise its future potential.

In order to maximise the impact of this work it is essential that as many sea anglers as possible complete the on-line questionnaire at www.gcal.ac.uk/econsurv/seaangler3.htm

Please take the time to fill in the questionnaire, pass on the message to your friends and encourage as many others as possible to provide their input.

You don’t have to be Scottish, just to have fished here within the last three years.

Kind regards

Ian Burrett




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