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SSACN Lifelines Event and Debate in Holyrood

Jan 29,2008 SACN

SSSACN Media Release - 28/01/08 - For Immediate Release

SSACN Lifelines Event and Debate in Holyrood

Holyrood - 27th Feb - a key date & place for Scotland's sea anglers.

SSACN are to hold a lunchtime Event in the Parliament building.

In the evening Sea Angling will be debated in the Holyrood Debating Chamber.

The Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network (SSACN - www.ssacn.org) has created a short video to show how sea anglers provide a 'Lifeline' to the economies of many coastal communities; this will be screened in one of the Holyrood Committee Rooms to an audience of MSPs, sea anglers and individuals representing many bodies associated with sea angling.

Anyone interested in attending the Lifelines Event should contact SSACN.

This will be followed by a  'Question Time' type panel consisting of politicians and SSACN members which will allow the audience to ask questions and/or highlight their areas of concern which may be taken forward into the Debate on sea angling to be held in Holyrood's Main Chamber later that afternoon.

The Debate follows on from a Motion (see below) put forward by John Scott which received strong, cross-party support; SSACN are hoping that this enthusiasm will motivate politicians sufficiently to create a strategy for the development of sea angling.

Denis Kelly, SSACN's Secretary who coordinated the making of the video was keen to point out

" We set about creating the video to show that although politicians are always identifying the need to preserve commercial fishing communities, the fact that there are coastal communities whose survival is very much based on recreational fishing always seems to be lost on them - they need to ensure funding for support or development is considered fairly and not just restricted to the commercial sectors."

"The video was shot in Drummore, Dumfries and Galloway; we went round filming the B&B’s, tackle shops, hoteliers, caravan parks and charter skippers, giving them an opportunity to portray just what RSA means to their business - In a village with a total population of 410 - 20 full time jobs and as many again seasonal ones.!"

"A strategy for the development of sea angling in Scotland is essential to tourism economy and the long term survival of many of these communities."

SSACN - Press Contact - contact@ssacn.org


The Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network (SSACN) is a Charity registered in Scotland.

SSACN is an independent body which was established to lead a unified, coordinated and comprehensive approach to international, national and local conservation issues which may affect recreational sea angling in Scotland.

SSACN seeks to ensure that all sea anglers can effectively enjoy their sport within fisheries managed for the benefit of all and not just for a select few.

Sea Angling in Scotland

Recreational sea angling is a selective, environmentally friendly and low-impact fishing activity, it is the # 1 coastal recreation activity in Scotland and is of great social and economic importance.

Scotland should be a major sea angling centre based around species that are not readily available elsewhere in the British Isles, but lack of stocks through inefficient and ineffective fisheries management has left many species virtually extinct and many areas barren and fishless.

Sea angling supports many livelihoods and business opportunities and contributes more than £150 million / yr to the Scottish economy; over £20 million / yr is being lost to the Scottish economy through the lack of fish stocks and facilities.

SSACN campaigns and works with statutory bodies for the continual improvement of Scottish RSA fisheries and access for all anglers to them.


Motion #1096 by John Scott MSP (Con) - Press Release http://tinyurl.com/2ybzqp

That the Parliament notes the economic and social importance of recreational sea angling to communities along the west coast and across Scotland;

further notes that around 225,000 people participate in the sport annually with an average spend of £1,375 for boat anglers and £861 for shore anglers;

recognises that most species of interest to sea anglers have limited commercial value and are returned alive to the sea, representing an excellent financial return for “Scotland plc”;

affirms the extremely low environmental cost of recreational sea angling which is at the forefront of sustainable fishing and especially welcomes the Give Fish a Chance initiative from the Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network, encouraging anglers to keep only those fish which have reached breeding size;

regrets the substantial decline of the sport and supporting industries, notably on the Firth of Clyde, due to a loss of stocks with a number of species becoming extinct locally or reduced to the point where only juvenile specimens are now being caught;

notes with concern the critically endangered status of key species, such as common skate, porbeagle and spurdog, which bring sea anglers to Scotland, and considers that work between the Scottish Government, sea angling bodies and other relevant agencies should continue to ensure the conservation of key species and the continued growth of sea angling in Scotland.

--   The Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network    www.ssacn.org - Fish for the future.    A registered Scottish charity RegNo. SC039015


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