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Recreational Catch Returns

Feb 23,2007 SACN

It is now an obligation for countries within the EU to include Recreational Catch Returns for some species of fish.

(Recreational includes Angling, but is not confined to Angling)

Currently, species on which returns should be being made are:


Blue Fin Tuna


Eels (Anguilla anguilla)

The currrent position regarding UK reporting is shown at:


15 Nov 2006

5.7 MP – Recreational – Planned sampling

The UK has no marine recreational fisheries for salmon and blue fin tuna.

The results from a pilot study to assess the level of landings from the recreational fisheries for cod in areas of the UK coast in ICES Areas IV, VI and VII are not yet available. 

As such it is not possible yet to provide full details of planned work for 2007. 

However, it is intended to develop on the work carried out in 2006 during 2007, and various options are under consideration, primarily focussed on establishing alternative methods for collecting data to increase the scope of participation in any data collection exercise to cover what is a very wide target population. 

As such as a minimum it is envisaged that a further data collection exercise will take place during 2007, but its exact scope has yet to be finalised. 

The work planned includes taking advantage of existing national bodies and companies publishing journals and magazines focussed on recreational fishing as well as increased interest from main stream media in the UK in this area during 2006. 

Various joint initiatives may thus be possible to gather information on recreational sea fishing in the UK. 

As possible options have yet to be finalised, it has not proved possible to detail the full scope of work that will be carried out as part of this programme. 

It is expected that a final work plan will have been drawn up by the time of the annual bilateral with the UK on the data collection programme in January/February 2007.

5.8 MP – Recreational – Derogations and non-conformities 

No derogations are requested and no non-conformities are envisaged

5.9 EP – Recreational – Planned sampling

No sampling is planned under the Extended Programme


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