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Recreational Sea Angling and Bait Collection a Threat to Marine Biodiversity?

Dec 23,2006 SACN

As part of the Marine Bill Evidence Base for Marine Nature Conservation, DEFRA have commissioned reports to examine the impacts of currently unregulated and unlicensed activities on the UK Marine Environment.

Included in these activities are Recreational Sea Angling and Bait Collecting.

The contents of the reports that DEFRA will now consider when drafting the Marine Bill are available at:


Obviously, the issues raised will at some time in the future feed through to action and perhaps regulation of these activities, and everyone that could potentially be affected needs to be familiar with the issues raised and engage with subsequent consultation as policy and regulations are developed further.


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comment Comments (1 posted) 
  • This is absolutely typical of the current situation. Bag limits, licences and god knows what else and now they will be trying to stop us collecting bait. I've read this research and am ashamed that I voted for a government who have wasted £21000 on producing this rubbish. It suggest that bait collecting needs managing and restricting. But the added bonus for me was to learn £21000 had been spent for some twirp to say dog walking is a threat to the marine ecosystem. Its laughable isn't it. I know where my vote will being at the next election and it wont be on a party who are now targeting angling after managing to ban hunting.
(Posted on December 27, 2006, 7:40 pm Glenn Kilpatrick)

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