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Sea angling and marine conservation zones

Jan 23,2009 SACN

Cefas, through the auspices of Natural England, has been commissioned to research potential interactions between recreational sea angling and Marine Conservation Zones.

Further details on the CEFAS website at:


From the CEFAS project webpage:

Cefas is carrying out surveys in the Northeast, the Northwest and the Southeast during Juanuary 2009. If you fish in one of these areas and wish to complete the questionnaire on-line then please do so before 16th February 2009.

These surveys will provide information on angling as well as providing an opportunity for anglers to make their views on MCZs known. 

If you wish to provide your views and contribute to this survey you can complete the questionnaire on this web-site.     MCZ Survey Form (Word, 124 KB)


With regard to MCZs generally (MCZs will be established when the Marine Bill is passed), following the pilot project 'Finding Sanctuary' in the South-West, Natural England are setting up similiar projects in all regions and looking for stakeholder participation (hopefully anglers will step forward in each area and get involved to fight our corner).

They first map out what's there, how it is used currently and who values it, what needs protecting etc.

Importantly, they need to take into account social and economic considerations when making decisions as to where the MCZs will be sited.

Similar MPAS being designated under existing Natura 2000 rules etc can only take account of scientific considerations, so if there were to be an important angling site with (say) rare corals in need of protection, angling activity would be excluded from that site no matter how valuable a angling site it might be. 

But with MCZs, providing that the evidence was there to support the social economic case, there would be a case for angling activity to continue, perhaps with minimum necessary restrictions. Something that angling organisations fought for as the Marine Bill progressed.  

The intial survey work and questionnaires aims to map out the importance of areas to various stakeholders to avoid proposed designation where this will be an obvious problem. 

Further details:




The CEFAS questionaire is very simliar to that being carried out by the Plymouth Marine Laboratory as part of an ongoing review of the Lyme Bay MCZ.


The questions and format is also very similar to that being used to survey RSA in the West Country as part of the "fisher map" development for the "Finding Sanctuary" project by Natural England.

The survey work for this is largely complete as regards the mapping of the commercial sector, where RSA is well under way. The face to face interviews have been going on for some months.


Natural England are responsible for the development of MCZs within 12 miles, the Joint Nature Conservation Committee in UK waters from 12 to the limits of UK waters.

Both NE and JNCC are working closely together to establish a coherent network of MCZs, and talking to continental counterparts.

The JNCC website has details of how stakeholder involvment will be progressed (and a map which will show you your project region).

(Note:  The South-West pilot project has been underway for some time, with RSA input from anglers in the region, projects are getting underway in other regions now.  If you want a say, you need to contact the project team for your area).

see:   http://www.jncc.gov.uk/page-2409


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