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Ocean Acidification - Online Event

Nov 06,2006 SACN

Whilst the world frets about Global Warming, melting icecaps, rising sea levels and catostrophic changes to ocean currents, another danger is creeping up upon us, seemingly unnoticed by the wider media who prime our conciousness.

Ocean Acidification is another danger to life on Earth with its origins in our society's dependence upon carbon fuels.

Now scientists are organising a worldwide online event giving individuals across the planet the chance to learn of the dangers.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NEW ONLINE EVENTS from the WORLD OCEAN OBSERVATORY
Join us for Ocean Acidification, November 13-14, 2006

Dear Ocean Colleague,

On November 13th-14th, 2006, The World Ocean Observatory will present an online, interactive web-cast on Ocean Acidification.

This is a unique opportunity for students, educators and interested individuals to participate in the first demonstration of an ongoing series of global online events to explore ocean issues.

Those who attend this 45 minute event hosted in Australia will participate in a real-time interactive presentations and discussions with leading scientists around the world.

The basic chemistry of our oceans is changing as they absorb carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by human activities.

This decrease in the ocean's pH and the resulting increase in acidity is called ocean acidification.

Present evidence suggests that dramatic changes in the marine environment over the next 100-200 years can be avoided only with early and deep reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.

Please find below detailed description of the World Ocean Forum's Ocean Acidification Online Event.

We invite you to join us for our first event broadcast on Monday, November 13th, 2006 at 5:30pm Eastern Standard Time.

We have approximately 100 spaces available, please respond as soon as possible to ensure your place in the forum.
Please reply to info@thew2o.net if you are interested in attending this online event. Log-in details will be provided.

The World Ocean Observatory (w2o) is a central place of exchange for global information, education and public discourse about the ocean.

It serves as an independent forum and focus for ocean affairs.

Its intent is to communicate the full spectrum of ocean issues - climate, conservation, biology and ecology, fresh water, food, energy, commerce and transportation, public health, finance, governance, recreation and culture - to citizens worldwide as a realization that the sea connects all things.

Please join us as we launch Ocean Acidification, the first of our exciting Online Events.

Thank you,
The World Ocean Observatory
RSVP - info@thew2o.net 

The Webcast...


The basic chemistry of our oceans is changing because of its uptake of carbon dioxide released by human activities. This decrease in the ocean's pH and resulting increase in acidity is called Ocean Acidification. Present evidence suggests that dramatic changes in the marine environment over the next 100-200 years can be avoided only with early and deep reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.

Date: November 13-14, 2006 (depending upon your time-zone)

Length: 45 minutes
System Specifications: The webcast software used in this online event is Centra.

Currently Centra will only operate on PC computers however it will be available to download onto Mac computers from Dec 2006.

For this online webcast you will therefore need a PC computer.
Time: The webcast will be hosted from Adelaide in Australia Monday 13 Nov, 2006 at 22.30.00 UTC or GMT time.

(UTC-time is Coordinated Universal Time. GMT is Greenwich Mean Time)
Note: check your local time in relation to UTC / GMT time as for some it will be Mon 13 Nov and for others Tues 14 Nov.
Presenters will be in the following locations.
Adelaide, Australia Tues 14 Nov 9.00am
Hobart, Australia Tues 14 Nov 9.30am
Seattle, USA Mon 13 Nov 2.30pm
New York, USA Mon 13 Nov 5.30pm
Boston, USA Mon 13 Nov 5.30pm
London, UK Mon 13 Nov 10.30pm
Check your specific time zone at http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/
Dr Scott Doney
Senior Scientist: Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA
Dr Richard A Feely
Oceanographer: Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Seattle, USA
Dr Richard Matear
Senior Research Scientist
CSIRO Division of Marine and Atmospheric Research
Hobart, Australia
Peter Neill
Director: The World Ocean Observatory
New York
Dr Carol Turley
Microbial Ecologist
Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Plymouth, UK
Liz Murphy
Event facilitator
Adelaide, Australia
Ocean Acidification webcast format - 45 minutes (timing in brackets)

Welcome, introductions, webcast format and tools (2min)

Peter Neill - The World Ocean Observatory and its 2007 program (3min)

The issue of Ocean Acidification, what is it?

The chemistry / key ideas which relate to Ocean Acidification (5 min)

Short time for students to ask guest presenters questions (3min)

Findings of the major global 2005 report on Ocean Acidification (5min) Description of present situation (5min).

Current research (5min)

Student question time (3min)

Future predictions, implications and actions (5min) Opportunities for students, eg career pathways (2min)

Final student question time (5min)

Keeping informed, thanks and event close (2min)

The World Ocean Observatory has designed a media rich website on Ocean Acidification as an introduction to this important ocean issue.

It provides an excellent overview of ocean acidification, explores its impact and implications on us and our world, and makes the connections to key ideas and concepts students need to know and understand.

This webcast will also be archived on the website for participants unable to access the event in real-time.

Please join us!
RSVP - info@thew2o.net


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