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Levy on the Rod Licence?

Oct 26,2006 SACN

There is a proposal that angling representation should be funded by a levy on the rod licence.

This proposal has been put forward in the past by representatives of angling organisations for those angling disciplines already subject to a rod licence (see: http://saauk.blogspot.com/ )

Although Recreational Sea Angling (RSA) is not currently subject to a rod licence, there are currently proposals contained in the Marine Bill consultations (now closed) that the Government give itself the power to introduce charges on both Recreational Sea Anglers and the Inshore Catching Sector as a contribution towards sea fisheries management on the 'user pays' principle.

At the present time, SACN like other RSA organisations, is opposed to the principle of charging sea anglers for fisheries management that has clearly failed the RSA sector.

And we maintain the position that there should be no contribution towards the cost of fisheries management until such time as a management regime is in place that is actually delivering a better angling experience (access to more and bigger fish) that is worth paying for, when we would then be in a position (perhaps) to recommend such a proposal to our members to ensure that already successful management objectives aimed at delivering an excellent angling 'product' (again access to more and better fish) is maintained.

However, should a sea angling rod licence be imposed by the government at some future date, if by then it has already been decided that the freshwater rod licence would be subject to an additional levy to finance the representation of angling, then it would almost certainly be applied should a sea angling rod licence also be introduced.

Therefore we suggest that Recreational Sea Anglers add their voice to the debate, but at the same time emphasise that a Sea Angling Rod Licence will be unacceptable until there are delivered benefits that will delight those anglers who fish the sea.

The following has been received by SACN from Martin Salter MP (the MP selected by the Government to represent the angling lobby in all of its disciplines):

Salter seeks views

Labour’s Parliamentary Spokesman for Angling, Martin Salter MP, has published the attached paper setting out the case for a stronger and more professional national body to speak up for angling.

He has also suggested that one way of raising funds would be through a £1 voluntary levy on the rod licence and is asking for anglers to contact him with their views.

Martin Salter said:

“There are a number of ways to raise funds and a voluntary levy on the rod licence, of say £1 is one option worthy of consideration. I want to know what anglers think which is why I am encouraging this debate. Please email me your views to salterm@parliament.uk. A full copy of this paper is also available on my website http://www.martinsalter.com/news.asp.”



Some thoughts:

For a long time I have believed that angling in this country needs a strong and powerful voice to speak up on the issues that affect our sport.

I also want to see a more professional approach to the structure and governance of angling to enable Britain’s most popular participant sport to properly punch its weight.

At the moment we are the poor relations when compared to countries such as France, Holland or America.

However, all of this will cost money and it is high time that we had a thorough debate within angling on how we raise sufficient funds to pay for the services we need.

Currently we have just a handful of paid staff working for organisations such as the N.F.A, S&T.A, N.F.S.A, A.C.A and the umbrella body, F.A.C.T.

Just take a look at the equivalent body for shooting, B.A.S.C which has nearly 100 paid staff looking after the interests of less than one million shooters in Britain.

How on earth can we compete with the likes of the R.S.P.B or the British Canoe Union on issues such as cormorant predations or river access if we haven’t got the people or resources to properly make the case to the government, the media and the public at large?

Last month I organised an important stakeholders meeting with DEFRA on the subject of KHV and was struck by how many of angling’s representatives sat round the table were volunteers taking the day off work and travelling to London at their own expense.

This is simply ridiculous for a sport that claims 3.5 million participants.

I’ve set out some of the work that could benefit from an increased funding stream.

This is not an exhaustive list and I would welcome other suggestions.

What could be achieved:

• A single powerful voice with the Government, Parliament, the Environment Agency, NGOs and other stakeholders

• Positive recognition of the fact that 3.5 million people enjoy recreational fishing and its contribution to a social and healthy lifestyle

• Positive recognition of the £3.5 billion contribution angling makes to the English and Welsh economy each year and how this could grow with a more professional approach to its development

• Professional advice on accessing funding opportunities for angling projects

• Efficient use of the funding which goes into angling representation, enabling the creation of a thoroughly professional influencing organization

• An improved aquatic environment; what is good for fish is also good for other life forms

• Stronger leadership and accountability within angling and fisheries

• Promotion of angling and fisheries

• Professional support for angling organisations

• Legal advice

It is perfectly true to state that as yet there are no plans to introduce a levy, either voluntary or compulsory.

There are also a range of practical issues that need addressing, including the role of existing angling governing bodies, legal status, and lines of accountability.

However, I firmly believe that the time is right to ask these questions and find out what anglers really think. Are they prepared to pay less than the cost of half a pint of maggots to help improve the prospects for their sport?

Let’s have the debate.



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comment Comments (1 posted) 
  • RE: ROD LICENCE FOR SEA ANGLERS Dear Sir, I have the following questions! 1. If a licence were to be introduced, how much of the revenue would be used for administration, and policing? 2. How could such a scheme be effectrively policed? 3. With DEFRA involved, is the European Union somewhere involved in the background? Yours sincerely John E. Payne
(Posted on December 9, 2007, 11:45 am John E. Payne)

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