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Irish Bass Laws Made Permanent

Jul 06,2007 SACN

Often the question is asked, 'Why do so many bass anglers head to Ireland, what's so special about Irish bass?'

Part of the answer is because commercial exploitation and selling of bass has for a number of years been illegal, and anglers are limited to a bag limit of two fish per day.

But the regualtion governing that has only been for a single year, and has needed renewing each year.

Undoubtedly (although poaching happens, and enforcement leaves much to be desired), the restrictions on commercial selling of bass and it's husbanding as a valuable recreational resource has led to some of the best bass fishing within the British Isles, and stream of anglers from Europe, bypassing the wonderful scenery of the North Wales coastline, as they lose another day of their holiday, and incur more expense, heading straight for the ferry at Holyhead.

They believe that the quality of Irish bass fishing is worth the lost time and money, and they return with the pictures and stories to prove it, attracting even more anglers to the Emerald Isles.

And now those that cater for the influx of bass fishermen, running businesses and earning their livelihoods from the visitors carrying fishing rods are celebrating.

Because the regulations have now been made permanent, and they (and others) can invest with confidence in building up their businesses, no longer fearful that the regulations won't be renewed for a further year.

A remarkable success for the anglers and the owners of RSA related businesses, and those who earn their livelihoods from servicing the needs of visiting bass anglers, who have campaigned each year for the order to be renewed and to be made permanent.

See article at:   IrishBass.org


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