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Fishing Limits for 2007 - EU Proposals (Updated 20 Dec 06)

Dec 05,2006 SACN

Having attained scientific advice, concluded talks with Norway, the EU has announced it's proposals for 'Fishing Opportunities' in 2007.

See: http://europa.eu.int/rapid/pressReleasesAction.do?reference=IP/06/1686&format=HTML&aged=0&language=EN&guiLanguage=en

As in previous years, the serious horse trading now gets under way following a familiar pattern whereby fishstocks are allowed to continue to suffer, and an industry squeals because of the hardships being imposed.

Organisations concerned for the health of our Marine Resources wonder why clear scientific advice is being ignored, and communities and businesses dependent on extracting and processing fish question the advice, point to other reasons why fish stocks are declining, maintain that some stocks tell a different story, and plea for their future, as they depend on what can be taken today.

Keep coming back here to see the familiar story unfold, and follow the media as the different points of view are reported. 

Herald Tribune

EU Politix


*** 06 Dec 06 ***

The Herald - Fury over Plan to cut Fishing Days

The Scotsman - Whitefish Fleet could be Wiped out by New EC Demands

FishUpdate.com - Commission urged : Back science over Rockall quota

B B C - Commission calls for cut in Cod

FishUpdate.com - Practical action needed to save cod, says WWF

FishUpdate.com - Shark Alliance disappointed over fishing limits


*** 12 Dec 06 ***

Finnie to stand firm on fishing quotas


*** 14 Dec 06 ***

Industry leader urges Commission to back off


*** 15 Dec 06 ***

Shetland MP says Bradshaw must take robust stance at EU talks

EU plan would spell disaster, says Federation


*** 19 Dec 06 ***

Fishermen praised for conservation

Call for North Sea cod fishing ban

Fishermen set for EU quota talks

Fishermen ready for annual scrap


Fishermen fear days at sea cuts

Brussels criticised over "Cod is God" attitude

Cut in days at sea would be "unjustifiable"

Green pressure from Brussels to protect dwindling fish stocks

*** EU - Timescales and Proposals ***

"The European Commission has begun to back down on the "worst ever threat" to Scotland's white fish industry.

It was originally proposed to cut the number of days fishermen can spend at sea next year by 25%.

However at the start of the annual talks in Brussels, the commission tabled an amendment that would cut fishing days by 20% instead. "

BBC Report


*** 20 Dec 06 ***

"UK Fisheries Minister Ben Bradshaw called the Commission's recommendations for a 25% cut "drastic", adding that he did not believe any European states would support the proposal. "

Fish deal put forward in Brussels

EU urged to cut cod fishing quota

Fishing is the culprit for lost cod

"A BATTLE over days at sea is expected to be fought out tonight at fish talks in Brussels, possibly into the early hours.Meanwhile Scottish industry leader Mike Park said that while there had been some movement in the Commission's stance it was still a slap in the face for fishermen.

Mr Park, the Executive Chairman of the Scottish White Fish Producers' Association, said that there had been "substantial movement" in the Commission's position on days reduction.

However, while a cut of between 8% and 12% was now being talked about, it was not good enough."

Marathon battle expected over days

Fish ministers in marathon talks


EU Cuts Agreed - see   h e r e


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