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The Fishery Talks

Dec 17,2007 SACN

Once more Europe's fishery ministers have gathered in Brussels to ignore the science and engage in political horse-trading with but one consequence for the Recreational and commercial fisheries that they are supposed to be 'managing'.

Links to stories related to the talks, and the UK government's efforts to 'protect' the interests of the UK fishing fleet will be added here over the coming days.

*** 17 Dec 07 ***

B B C - Skippers Offer Fishing Talks Plan

MSN News- GreenPeace closes off EU Building

The Guardian - Greenpeace shuts down EU fishing quota talks

B B C - Quota calls fail to catch the drift

*** 18 Dec 07 ***

Conservatives - Negotiations draw attention to flaws in fishing quotas

"We want to see better management of the seas which could provide more and larger fish which will benefit the 1.2 million people who enjoy sea angling. "

The Guardian - EU ministers open debating marathon on fish quotas

B B C - Fish talks to continue overnight

*** 19 Dec 07 ***

Shetland Marine News - Flexible deal for whitefish fleet

Reuters - EU countries strike deal on 2008 fishing quotas'Fair' deal at fisheries summit

The Telegraph - EU increases North Sea cod quotas

B B C - 'Fair' deal at fisheries summit

The Independent - EU fishing quotas deal agreed

FishUpdate.com - Fisheries Council falls short on shark limits, says coalition

FishUpdate.com - Cod recovery plan goes adrift, says WWF

FishUpdate.com - Quota deal bad news for English fleet, says Portus

FishUpdate.com - General welcome, but some doubts over deal

FishUpdate.com - Key deal rewards Scots cod conservation policy

*** 20 DEC 07 ***

Reuters - V I D E O


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