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Fisheries 2027 - How Our Fisheries Will be Managed In Future

Feb 01,2007 SACN

Currently DEFRA, along with input from a number of stakeholders, are putting together a Strategy for developing and managing the Recreational Sea Angling sector in England.

Central to any such strategy is the need to manage Recreational Fish Stocks (which are often shared by the catching sector) in a way that produces a 'product' suited to recreational fishing.

i.e. access to more and bigger fish of the species particularly targeted by Recreational Sea Anglers.

So, any policy of fisheries management, even if principally looking at management of the commercial fisheries, must also take account of the needs of the Recreational Sea Fisheries (which can sometimes produce a far better social and economic benefit for 'UK PLC' than when stocks are managed purely from a commercial perspective).

DEFRA have announced a consultation that looks at how it will manage the UK's Sea Fisheries for the next 20 years:

By 2027, fisheries management will secure long-term benefits for the whole of society.

The overall priority of fisheries management will be to get the best possible long-term economic benefits for commercial and recreational fishing through effective management and moderate levels of exploitation, within the two following constraints:

• Fishing will be restricted through a precautionary approach of making sure that we maintain healthy ecosystems and protect rare, vulnerable or valued species and habitats. This will mean more environmental protection than before.

• Some access to fisheries will be available to coastal communities, even if that is not the most economically efficient way of harvesting the resource.

This reflects the contribution of fishing to these communities through, for example, tourism, recreational fishing and keeping communities together.

Parties now have 12 weeks to submit their views to DEFRA.

Details of the consultation and how to become involved are given at:


SACN will be responding to the consultation to ensure that the needs of the Recreational Sea Angling Sector are fully taken into account opening up the possibility that the UK can develop world class Recreational Sea Fisheries around the UK, and we urge other organisations and individuals to make the most of this opportunity to guide DEFRA in managing the UK fisheries for the next 20 years.   


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