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Fish will vanish from British waters in 20 years

Sep 15,2007 SACN

Ninety per cent of fish in the waters around Britain will have disappeared within 20 years unless they are given protection, a leading marine researcher told scientists yesterday.

Professor Callum Roberts claims that “the endgame” was being played out with the remaining fish in the seas and that they are doomed without radical measures to save them. The number of fish in seas and oceans around the world was a fraction of what it had been 50 years ago, and numbers were still plummeting.

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Despite cod stocks in UK waters being at risk, fishermen are being forced to throw thousands of tonnes back into the sea dead while Iceland, an important supplier to much of Western Europe, is cutting the amount of cod it catches because of concern over falling stocks.

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Robin Carter, who owns a number of trawlers fishing from Plymouth and Exmouth, dismissed the claims as far-fetched.

After 20 years in the fishing industry, he said quotas had worked in protecting stocks, which in general had never been better.

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