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EU 2008 fish quotas

Jun 07,2007 SACN

"Today, the European Commission adopted its annual policy statement setting out its views on fishing opportunities for 2008.

While some long-term plans have begun to show positive results, most stocks remain outside safe biological limits, creating a high-risk situation for both the stocks concerned and the fishing industry.

The main reason for this problem is that the total allowable catches (TACs) agreed each year in Council are much higher than those recommended by scientists.

The Commission is therefore calling for more serious efforts in both TACs and fishing effort management in order to put European fisheries back on a truly sustainable footing.

The Commission invites stakeholders and Member States to examine the issues raised in this Communication carefully, and to submit their contributions by 31 July 2007."

Full EU Press Release

ICES Advice:

"After a long period of very low stock size, there are now signs of slight improved abundance of cod around Greenland, however, still well below the historical levels and the distribution area is limited. ICES advises to abstain from fishing so that a spawning stock can be re-established.

In the North Sea, both whiting and herring have produced few young fish over the past five years. This means that catching possibilities will be considerably lower in the future, and ICES therefore recommends substantial reductions in the TACs. "

Full ICES Press Release



When fish quotas are squeezed, and fishermen run out of quota for the more important commercial species, it often means that effort is transferred to 'non-quota' species, such as flounder, bass and mullet etc.

It is often these 'non-quota' species that are highly valued by the Recreational Sea Angling sector, which is why sea anglers, and their organisations, should redouble their efforts to attain recognition for species of importance to the Recreational Sea Angling sector, and protection for the UK's valuable Recreational Fisheries, whilst there is still time. 

BBC Report


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