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ESFJC Angling Sub Group - First Meeting

Mar 07,2007 SACN

Tom Pinborough, a member of the SACN Executive Group, and an appointed RSA representative on the Eastern Sea Fisheries Joint Committee, has submitted this personal report on the first meeting of the ESFJC RSA Sub Group.

The first meeting of the ESFJC sea angling sub-committee took place on Friday 23rd Feb 07.


There was a large number of apologies for absence from county councilors and Defra appointees to the ESFJC committee.

There was a number of sea anglers present in the public gallery.


There was concern, whether the meeting could legally take place or should take place, the ESFJC chairman made a ruling that it was legal to take place and should take place, as the purpose of the meeting was only to agree or not agree the fisheries officer’s proposals.


A number of the Defra appointees stated their disappointment at the poor attendance by other ESFJC Committee Members, as this was an opportunity for committee members to gain an understanding of RSA.


The first agenda item was to elect a sub-group chairman and vice-chairman.

Due to lack of numbers this proved difficult, so the chairman ruled that he would be the sub-group chairman for this meeting and the election process would have to take place at the next sub-committee meeting or statutory meeting.


The temporary chairman stated the purpose of the meeting was to agree or not agree the chief fisheries officer’s proposals and this was not the time to enter a large discussion on RSA issues.


There was a brief discussion that the process of gaining an understanding on RSA issues should start now and limited discussion was permitted on each agenda item


The three reports where accepted by the sub-committee and it was agreed for the officers to take forward the three proposals and report back their findings.



Agenda item 3


To receive the Clerk’s report on the proposal to develop a recreational sea angling (RSA) strategy for the ESFJC district

It is the Officers’ proposal to hold a number of public meetings throughout the ESFJC District in order to provide an opportunity for anglers to discuss issues with ESFJC Officers.

The Sub-Committee is asked to receive the report and agree to the Officers’ proposal, as outlined above.


This was agreed


Agenda item 4


To receive the Clerk’s report on the possible introduction of bag limits for recreational sea anglers

The Officers’ proposal is to consult with the local angling interest on bag limits and report back to the RSA sub-committee before any consideration is given to the possibility of making a byelaw.

The Sub-Committee is asked to receive the report and agree with the Officers’ proposal outlined above


Agenda item 5


To receive the Clerk’s report on the possible introduction of MLS for key species within the ESFJC District

 The Officers’ proposal is to consult with both RSA organisations and commercial fishermen’s associations to identify the level of support for the introduction of MLSs for particular species within the District.

The Sub-Committee is asked to receive the report and to agree with the Officers’ proposal as outlined above



As you can see from the above, it is the intention of the Officers of the ESFJC to meet sea anglers to discuss the aforementioned issues.


I am currently trying to co-ordinate a number of regional meetings  within the ESFJC district .


I require some assistance, relating to possible venues , perhaps a club house where a number of clubs can come together,  best time for anglers to get together ( evenings or Sat morning , so as not to clash with club matches , Penn league etc. Approx numbers of anglers who will turn out.


I have already had an offer from the chairman of the Felixstowe SAC to use their club-house for an evening, this can accommodate approx 80 anglers. Will this be big enough for this area ?


I have made some preliminary inquires in the Lowestoft area , but again would be grateful for some local input .


The chairman of a Norfolk club has pledged his assistance in getting his members along to a venue, once date, time and place has been decided.


This is now an opportunity to meet the eastern sea fisheries joint committee to get your viewpoint across ,to have a say in how your sea angling is managed and for the ESFJC to gain an understanding of RSA.


I need your assistance to get this going.




(anyone wanting to lend a hand can email Tom via the SACN email address FishSense@aol.com with 'ESFJC Sub Group' in the email title or subject)


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