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UK Sea Anglers in Brussels

May 20,2008 SACN

Three UK sea anglers representing separate recreational sea angling organisations have just returned from Brussels where they attended the third Shark Alliance members meeting.

The Shark Alliance is a not-for-profit coalition of over 50 non-governmental organizations dedicated to restoring and conserving shark populations by improving European fishing policy. 

Because of the influence of Europe in global fisheries and the importance of sharks in ocean ecosystems, these efforts have the potential to enhance the health of the marine environment in Europe and around the world. 

The mission of the Shark Alliance is two-fold:

- To close loopholes in European policy regarding the wasteful and unsustainable practice of shark finning;

- To secure responsible, science-based shark fishing limits for long-term sustainability and ecosystem health.

Ian Burrett (Save Our Sharks) Denis Kelly (The Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network) and Nigel Proctor (The Sea Anglers Conservation Network) attended various workshops at the meeting and helped make plans for the 2008 European Shark Week.

Last years European Shark Week resulted in over 20,000 EU signatures demanding sensible shark management, being handed in to the commission.

Attending organisations were encouraged to make representations to their individual countries’ permanent secretaries to raise the profile of the CPOA; an action plan being developed by the EU commission, which hopefully will provide greater protection for Europe’s sharks species.

Nigel, Denis and Ian met up with the UK permanent secretary David Trip and gave a short presentation, congratulated Defra on their proactive approach to shark management and highlighted their disappointment that Scotland was undermining Defra’s fine work by refusing to unilaterally protect its native sharks.

David was very attentive and promised to pass on our concerns.


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