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Anglers Join Commercials in attacking bass MLS Increase (Updated 04 Apr 07)

Mar 15,2007 SACN

One of the reasons that DEFRA appeared to be cautious of increasing the mls of bass to 45cms in a single bold move, apart from representations from commercial fishing interests, was a submission opposing the increase made by the South-West Association of Sea Anglers, who claim to represent the views of some 2,500 anglers in the South-West.

Yesterday Ben Bradshaw, the Fisheries Minister, met with a delegation of commercial fishermen who are vehemently opposed to even the smaller increase to 40cm, due to com into effect on 6th April.

And joining them was the chairman of the South-West Association of Sea Anglers.

From FishUpdate.com

"Meanwhile a “powder keg” at the end of the meeting was input from the chairman of the South-west Association of Sea Anglers who told the Minister that it was only a minority of sea anglers who wanted to see the increase. The majority did not want it."

see: http://www.fishupdate.com/news/fullstory.php/aid/6963/Good_hearing_from_Bradshaw_over_bass_issue.html

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*** 04 Apr 07 ***

"The recently formed South West Sea Anglers Liaison Group has informed the Fishery Minister Ben Bradshaw that it is fully committed, with other organisations, to the introduction of a minimum length of 40,cm for bass.

It is absolutely vital, they say, to give the species a future.

In a statement, it has fully disassociated itself with comments made without mandate, over the bass minimum size at a London meeting by the Chairman of the South West Federation of Sea Anglers.

His resignation is being called for.

Sea angling organisations have been pushing for some time for a minimum of 45cm and will continue the fight for this."

Western Morning News


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comment Comments (1 posted) 
  • So according to this 'news' 25000 anglers have joined forces with some commercial to do a two pronged attack on the bass increase, yer right. If you want believe this claptrapp. 36cm and the bass is still in it's nappy, child molesting. This news is from an area of the uk where bag limmits for anglers are the order of the day for conservation reasons and yet offer no protection for your bass stocks commercially , the martians have landed me thinks.
(Posted on March 16, 2007, 7:47 am barry luxton)

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