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Your Views Should Not Be Heeded - CFP Reform

May 27,2009 Leon Roskilly

Reported in Western Morning News a leading representative of the Commercial Fishing Industry in the South-West is quoted as saying "the idea that "Joe Public" should be given undue weight in the discussions over complex fishing policy for the people whose livelihood it was deciding "fills me with horror".

(see: http://www.thisiscornwall.co.uk/homepagenews/EU-FISH-QUOTAS-END/article-1024937-detail/article.html

However, the EU is asking for your views.

In a wide-ranging consultaition on reforming the admittedly failing Common Fisheries Policy, aimed at bringing European fish stocks back from the brink, nothing is ruled out, including banning discards, and getting rid of quotas.

You can read the proposals and voice your opinion, including suggestions that may not yet have been considered, by following the links given at:


A successful reform of the CFP could mean plenty of fish for commercial fishermen and anglers in future, as well as restoring the vital ecosystems of our seas.

Failure to put in place the much needed reforms could condemn us all to a future where good fishing is nothing but a distant memory.

To get it right means everyone having views making those views known to the Commission so that they can take them on board, and so that they can gauge the degree of support for what sometimes may seem radical changes to the way we currently manage our marine resources and the exploitation of those resources.

The fish belong to all of us, and as citizens of the European Union we all have a right to have our opinion heard. 


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