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20 year vision for sustainable fisheries

Oct 02,2007 SACN

A 20-year vision to help fishing communities and businesses prosper, safeguard fish stocks and protect the marine environment has been unveiled.

Fisheries Minister Jonathan Shaw today (2 October) published Fisheries 2027, the government’s long-term vision for a sustainable fisheries sector to optimise economic and social benefits for society from commercial fishing and recreational angling while protecting marine life and habitats.

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Some relevant quotes from the report itself:


Consider the scope for developing strategies for individual stocks in relation to both commercial harvesting and recreational use.


The current licensing and quota management systems which enable access to fisheries for commercial use have grown up gradually and without a strategic overview.

Recreational sea anglers have, in theory, full and free access to all fisheries, although fisheries are generally managed with commercial harvesting in mind.

We think we need to change the current systems so that we have a clearer, simpler and more transparent rightsbased system for accessing fisheries for most of the resource.

This should provide more certainty for businesses and individuals.

We also want to make sure that we have the right mechanisms in place to deliver the social benefits to coastal communities that we think an entirely marketbased system may not deliver.

For example, by enabling the profitable and environmentally responsible operation of small inshore vessels and making sure that people can enter the industry.

We also want to make sure that recreational users and the associated businesses can also access resources.

As with the commercial sector, with rights there should be responsibilities and the expectation that users should share the costs of the benefits.


Facilitate consultation on the recreational sea angling (RSA) strategy and use the results to consider future improvements to the management of recreational sea angling.


Implement measures in the forthcoming Marine Bill to enable more active management of recreational sea fishing and the possibility of charging for commercial fishing vessel licences.


Economic efficiency is one element of sustainability and needs to be achieved alongside other objectives, for example those relating to environmental protection and coastal communities and in the context of a balance between commercial and recreational use of a shared, common resource.


Fisheries sector

‘Fisheries sector’ means the full range of related activities including commercial and recreational catching, marine aquaculture, processing and retailing of fish and shellfish.


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