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Fishery Statistics for 2005 Announced

Aug 25,2006 SACN

2005 fisheries statistics published
UK Sea Fisheries Statistics for 2005 are published today, 25th August, by Marine Fisheries Agency (MFA), an executive agency of Defra.

The UK fishing industry recorded landings into the UK and abroad of £571 million in 2005, with landings of 708 thousand tonnes. This represents an increase in weight of 8 per cent on 2004 but is 22 per cent lower than the level of landings in 1995.

Mackerel and herring accounted for 40 per cent of all landings by weight.

Demersal species represented 39 per cent of total landings by the UK fleet into the UK and abroad in terms of weight and 41 per cent in terms of value.

Pelagic species accounted for 42 per cent of landings by weight and 24 per cent by value and shellfish (e.g. crabs, lobsters, nephrops/langoustines) accounted for 19 per cent by weight and 35 per cent by value.

In 2005, total exports of fish and fish preparations fell by 4 per cent to 458 thousand tonnes with a value of £925 million.

Imports rose by 7 per cent to 717 thousand tonnes with a value of almost £1.7 billion.

In 2005 there were an estimated 12,647 sea fishermen in the UK, a fall of 6 per cent on the previous year.

There were 6,341 fishing vessels in the UK (excluding islands). Of these, 307 were at least 24.39 metres or 80 feet in length.

The UK continues to control overall fleet capacity to make sure it stays within agreed capacity limits as well as running EU-wide effort control regimes.

Comprhensive statistics, and  for previous years, are available on the

Marine Fisheries Agency Pages  

and at

National Statistics Online

Information of the value of the UK Recreational Sea Fishery is available

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