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Nov 30,2008  by SACN

ICES on Bass

imageThere have been a number of influential reports produced by ICES over recent years detailing the developing fishery for bass, the status of the fishery, and recommendations for future management. Although the observation from the 2004 report that bass appears ... [full story]

Apr 04,2008  by SACN

Tope - A Code of Best Practice for Anglers

imageThe following Code of Best Practice was developed by Save Our Sharks and has been adopted by the NFSA. Tope Handling - A code of best practice As part of a programme to protect a threatened species, recent Government legislation has put severe ... [full story]

Jul 06,2007  by Leon Roskilly

Undiscovered Value

imageThey had been there for a long while, but no one seemed to notice. A few figures trudging down the beach after the holidaymakers had abandoned the sands at day’s end. No one noticed them out in the cold and hissing rain, ... [full story]

Jan 24,2007  by SACN

Avoiding Bass Discards

imagePrior to April 2007, when a new Minimum Landing Size (MLS) for bass of 40cm will be implemented, immature bass of just 36cm are presently the target of many inshore bass fisheries. Bass of this size mix with smaller bass, so ... [full story]

Jan 20,2007  by SACN

The Water Framework Directive

imageThe very title seems designed to cause eyes to glaze over immediately, and attention to wander to more interesting things. But anglers, including Recreational Sea Anglers, in fact anyone with an interest in the coastal environment, would be wrong to let their ... [full story]

Nov 26,2006  by SACN

Labour's Anglers' Charters

imageThere have been two ‘Angler’s Charters’ published by the Labour Party, the first before they became the party of Government and the second published shortly before the General Election in 2005 when they successfully campaigned to remain in office. Both charters ... [full story]

Nov 25,2006  by SACN

Marine Protected Areas and Angling - A Discussion Document

imageMarine Protected Areas and Recreational Sea Angling (Draft - 28 Sep 2005) (Note: This is a draft discussion document, not a positioning paper.  The views do not necessarily reflect those of SACN) Who Cares? When an environment on land is threatened, there is ... [full story]

Oct 04,2006  by SACN

Do I Need A Licence?

imageIt is in the nature of rivers that they flow towards the sea, and fuelled by winter floods, to still flow strongly with freshwater when they finally push out into the sea. And it is in the nature of tides to ... [full story]

Oct 04,2006  by Leon Roskilly

Buyers and Sellers Legislation - Does it Apply?

imageBuyers and Sellers legislation was bought in to provide an audit trail designed to squeeze ‘black fish’ out of the economy. Any business that acts as a buyer or seller of first-hand sale fish from a vessel must be registered, and ... [full story]

Sep 20,2006  by SACN

Releasing Mackerel

imageWe often get enquiries 'Is it true that mackerel die if handled?' So we asked the experts at CEFAS and this is what they said: Hi Mike,   I wonder if you can answer this, or pass it onto someone who can? ... [full story]

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