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The Sea Anglers' Conservation Network

Aug 03,2006 Julian Grattidge

These pages are maintained by Anglers' Net and a team of enthusiasts as a resource for all recreational anglers engaged in the struggle to ensure that our seas will contain fish for ourselves, and for future generations of anglers to enjoy.

If you are an individual, or an organisation, concerned with the preservation of our fish-stocks and the marine environment, particularly if your interest is in recreational angling, then these pages are for you.

Here you’ll find plenty of information about individuals and organisations already working to preserve our fish stocks.

You will meet people that are working for the necessary recognition of recreational angling as an important economic industry with an equal, if not a greater, right to enjoy the benefits of a fruitful sea, than those that see only a resource to plunder for profit.

Here, you will find news of current campaigns, details of existing organisations and how to join and support them, a place to exchange ideas. You’ll be given advice as to what you can do to help, and how to go about it.

Take a little while to browse these pages. If you’ve ever spent a fishless session, only to see a boat arrive to pull in the gill net 50 yards from the beach, if you’ve ever seen a boat unloading spawn laden bass by the tonne, if you’ve pulled flatfish from the sea covered in sores, and if you’ve ever felt that ‘someone has to do something’, but powerless to do anything yourself, then here’s the place to start.

Although aimed primarily at recreational anglers fishing British waters, we share our problems with our friends on mainland Europe, and we have much to learn from the conservation achievements of anglers from across the world, places like Australia, New Zealand and the United States. All are welcome.

To contact the Sea Anglers' Conservation Network, email: FishSense@aol.com


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